Plasma lift Medical blepharoplasty

Plasma technology is delivered by a pen-sized device with a foam tip. The electric arc creates tiny pinhead-sized spots of heat in the epidermis, causing the skin to shrink.

This technique is performed without surgery, i.e. without incisions or sutures. The application of an anaesthetic cream before the procedure ensures optimal comfort. After the session, the patient leaves with small dark spots on the treated area. These scabs should not be touched and should be left to fall off within an average of 7 days.

On average, each session allows for a retraction of about 30% of the excess skin, which, depending on the degree of sagging of the eyelids, allows for the desired result to be achieved in two to three sessions.

Initially created to correct moderate eyelid sagging, this technique offers other indications such as sun creases around the mouth or periorbital wrinkles.