PROFHILO Bio-remodelling

PROFHILO® is a 100% natural, latest generation hyaluronic acid.

This is a new skin reshaping treatment that combines hydration, redensification and skin tightening, ideal for people with dehydrated skin that lacks tone and elasticity.

PROFHILO® combines two types of hyaluronic acid molecules: one with a low molecular weight providing the moisturising action and stimulating the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid; the other with a high molecular weight allowing a tightening effect.

This procedure is almost painless. 5 injection points per side of the face are enough to cover the entire area to be treated.

Les injections de PROFHILO peuvent être réalisées sur le visage, mais aussi sur le cou, le décolleté ou les mains.

For an optimal result, it is necessary to carry out 2 sessions at one month intervals. It is an absorbable product. It lasts from 6 to 10 months and there is no social eviction.